Name : Nijiko Suryadikara
Call me : Gee


Random facts: I like paratha very much.  I love vibrant bright colors, I love golden retrievers, I love watercolor and elephants. I am currently waiting for my uni graduation ceremony this coming August, majoring in Interior Architecture. I enjoy cleaning and I love collecting lipsticks. I am a huge fan of Dan Brown's works, always gave me chills and OMG INFERNO is coming out this year. I like reading books prior to watching the movies and I don't listen to music when I read - way too distracting.

About this blog : I read pretty much everything (except for scary ghost stories), and I enjoy contemporary more than classics.  Most of the books on my list are Arcs, and I welcome (and support) Book Blitz(s)/ Book Tour(s). I listen to many many many audiobooks because reading with my eyes closed is heavenly. Sometimes I would also include audiobook reviews too.

I hope you guys have a great day and keep doing what you love!

much love,

Are you an author/publisher?
send me emails : nijikosu@gmail.com
I receive many emails on daily basis due to book review requests, so I apologize if I didn't get to you right away. I have a pile of arcs to read and review at the moment (and other books too), so I am going through it slowly and surely. This blog is always open to Book Blitz or Tour at any time. Thank you for understanding.
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